About Us

What’s behind “It’s Not Funny”

“It’s Not Funny” is a community action that sheds some light on how people living with Parkinson’s Disease have reinvented themselves. It does this by telling their stories through photography, film and words. We want to tell the Australian public that Parkinson’s disease is not just an old person’s disease. More people in the prime of their lives are being diagnosed and then go into hiding, uncertain, and even fearful, of how their friends, work colleagues and the general public will perceive their condition. We want to help them feel at ease with the disease, with dignity and in a positive, light hearted way.

We’re not about raising funds for research or funding the running of an organisation either, we are about raising awareness.

All too often the awareness activities focus too much on the ‘dark’ side of the disease, which can leave you feeling impotent and depressed. You’re constantly hearing the bad news about Parkinson’s disease. We think it’s time to tell others about the brighter side of living with the condition.

Being diagnosed with Parkinson’s is a life-changing piece of news that nobody wants to receive, but it’s not all bad. By sharing the personal stories of people living with the disease we reveal a positive aspect to this diagnosis. Being positive opens doors to a life well lived. Perhaps you’ll reinvent yourself, perhaps you’ll go and do those things you’ve always put off, perhaps you’ll contribute to research, perhaps you’ll connect with others in the community to share your positivity and help others to live well too.

Indeed, science is beginning to reveal that positive attitudes, community involvement, physical activity and social interactions are all good things for people with PD. You’ll find there’s no better evidence than the very people themselves and the personal stories they share of the power of being positive with PD.

The team

Established in late 2016, we are a lean yet creative team united by our common purpose. We have a diverse range of capability and incredible depth of experience that means we are strongly placed to deliver on our proposition. We’ve always understood that the collective is greater than the sum of its parts!

Beate – Digital Strategy

aka “The Wife”

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Gary – Voice & Creative

aka “The Patient”

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Ed – Business & Organisation

aka “The Son”

John – Branding & Concept

aka “The Founder”.

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Sachiko – Coordination

aka “The Friend”.