Bernie is truly an action painter

Bernie is truly an action painter

Bernie has a great story about how DBS help him reinvent himself.

Before getting Parkinson’s Disease, Bernie was a successful commercial agent and he was good, very good. So what does a man like Bernie do when his shakes are too obvious to hide, Bernie moved to the country, but his illness still hindered him from doing many things. He was in a bad way until he decided to have Deep Brain Stimulation. Now he paints and exhibits his paintings and is gaining credibility as a serious artist. He attributes Deep Brain Stimulation to kick starting his newfound talent.

The refreshing thing about Bernie is his directness and honesty in his approach. He hasn’t got the usual self-indulgent questioning that many artists have, he just paints. Parkinson’s Disease forces him to apply paint in large movements with chance playing its part on how it lands on the canvas. In the actual sense of the term he is a true “action” painter.

In his own words… “My work is spontaneous, instinctive and organic. The paintings grows with every splash or drop of paint because my thoughts that inspired me initially often change as the work progresses. The application can be by great big bold strokes to small intimate marks with every painting comprises a series of layers with each layer creating greater depth and texture. I am always looking for different methods of application from using traditional instruments such as brushes and palette knives to water pistols and even the garden hose.”

At the recent National Parkinson’s Conference Medtronic presented their latest innovations and they sounded great. Their slogan “refuse to surrender”, is very apt. Medtronic give people like Bernie the power to develop other skills, and provides other opportunities and prolongs a productive work life.

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