Clyde’s Story

I don’t think that I have ever met another person with such a positive outlook as Clyde. The really great thing about talking with him is that no matter how bad my day might be I end up feeling good as well, with both of us having a good old laugh about things. He’s not just positive, mix humble and a quiet Aussie achiever with clever and you start to get the picture.

So how did Clyde take the news that he has Parkinson’s Disease, he doesn’t drive off until he can think of something positive, so he decides to find a cure. He goes on to establish The Shake It Up Australia Foundation. Leadership and ethics comes naturally to Clyde so the employees of his company give their full support and rally around him, making him even stronger.

I had to ask him what would he tell another PD sufferer and he replied without hesitation, “don’t give up hope”

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