In this short clip of the life broadcast our very own Gary Latham shares his experience and attitude towards Parkinson’s Disease with ABC News 24.

In the wave of interest that was created by Liz Jackson’s story on Four Corners, Gary was invited by Parkinson’s NSW to join Parkinson’s Australia’s CEO Steve Sant on the ABC Breakfast show. The invitation came based on Gary’s well-received role of hosting the 10th annual Parkinson’s NSW golf day the week before.

Gary described receiving the diagnosis of Parkinson’s Disease as being similar to a punch in the face. You usually see it coming, can’t do much to stop it and don’t really know just how much it is going to hurt. The roller coaster of managing the disease has all the turns: anger, denial, bargaining, depression and acceptance.

At It’s Not Funny we believe that an attitude of optimism, defiance and humour is the best medicine to manage the disease.  While it is a disease that resides in the brain, it is often what is between your ears that can be your greatest strength.

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