Glenda’s Story

mean I now choose to help others and not to dwell on the illness.” Glenda is recently widowed. She was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease some 10 years ago. She finds it difficult to get around having to use a stick and contemplating a wheel chair she has redesigned her house to accommodate her needs and her pleasures – for Glenda is a prolific producers of objects of art. Included in her creations is a series of wire pieces that represent Parkinson’s effect on the human brain. She has exhibited locally and continually creates the weird and the wonderful.

She believes that her contracting Parkinson’s Disease is retribution for her wild youth where she “did a lot of things which I’m not so proud of now. I guess bad things catch up with you eventually and I reckon my past came back as Parkinson’s Disease.
Now she makes things for others and expresses the illness through art. “I don’t consider myself an artist in the true sense, I’m using what God has given me to make things for others. Parkinson’s Disease has given me the opportunity to do that.”

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