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Ordering a Bernie Dashboard Wobbly Doll

We have a latest addition to the team – a dashboard doll! Yes, these wobbly figures that you could find on many car dashboards in the 1970’s and beyond.

We wanted to produce something that had an entertaining feel to it and that reminded people living with Parkinson’s Disease as well as their loved ones to be positive. So when we brainstormed ideas about an object that people could purchase we came up with the dashboard doll.

One of the people that are living with Parkinson’s Disease and that have completely re-invented themselves is Bernie. He is an inspiration to many others, becoming a passionate artist after closing down his real estate business when he was diagnosed with the disease. Bernie also loves music and has a good sense of humour. We told him about our plan to create wobbly dashboard dolls and he just loved it. He offered to be the model and that’s how our Bernie dashboard doll was born!

Our focus is to raise awareness for the disease, and this event at the Garvan Institute of Medical Research is one of many campaigns that It’s Not Funny initiates. Please support our efforts by buying a Bernie Wobbly Doll or ordering a book or simply just give a donation.

Making the Bernie doll…
Order a Bernie Dashboard Wobbly Doll…

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