The Big Event

At It’s Not Funny we have been looking for a way to promote the Bernie dashboard doll and raise awareness for Parkinson’s Disease.

During a meeting with the Garvan Institute of Medical Research in Sydney an idea was born – we are organising an art exhibition to showcase how Parkinson’s sufferers can benefit from embracing a positive outlook on life.

Bernie, our dashboard doll model, was given the opportunity to exhibit his artwork at the Garvan Institute last year, and he donated a painting to the Institute. Bernie invited John from It’s Not Funny to join him for a visit to the Institute. They spoke about the Bernie dashboard doll with the Head of Philanthropy, who loved the initiative. The Garvan Institute offered to get involved and open their premises for the event. First discussion about the art exhibition and a panel discussion about the benefits of being positive when living with Parkinson’s disease took place.

We managed to bring together some fascinating people for the panel including Neurologists specialising in Parkinson’s disease, a well know art critic who writes for the Sydney Morning Herald, and 3 people that have reinvented themselves after being diagnosed with PD.

This exhibition will be a fantastic opportunity to bring together researchers, organisations dedicated to raise funds for research to find a cure for PD, sufferers and people interested in the cause!

The event preparations are in full swing now and many people are involved.

First there is the lovely team in marketing and philanthropy at the Garvan Institute who are working with us to bring the exhibition and panel discussion to life. The foyer of the Garvan Institute is a fantastic venue and we are grateful for the opportunity to host the exhibition there.

The Bernie dashboard doll will be on display throughout the 4-day exhibition. You can purchase the dolls there and/or picked up your doll if you bought one online.

Come and have a look at the exhibition!

Exhibition details:
Bernie Doesn’t Just Shake!
9AM to 5PM, 11 – 15 April 2016
Garvan Institute of Medical Research
384 Victoria Street, Darlinghurst, NSW

Garvan Institute of Medical Research