The Making of Bernie Dashboard Wobbly Doll


In our last post we explained how the idea to create a dashboard doll (also called wobbly doll) of Bernie was born. Bernie loved the idea and happily became our model for the first prototype of the dashboard doll.

We were incredibly lucky to find the company Wysiwyg 3D who were happy to create the dolls for us. Wysiwyg 3D are experts in 3D scanning, printing and digitisation and Shane Rolton, the founder and Managing Director, was Australia’s first laser scanning operator.

The 3D Scannning
Scanning a whole body to translate the data into a 3D printed model is quite a challenge and we were keen to learn how this is done.

Shane showed us some of their impressive work including scanning Drogon from ‘Game of Thrones’ for a large-scale replication and also Cyber scanning the cast of the movie ‘I Frankenstein’ to create the Visual Effects.

We were amazed to see how accurate 3D or Cyber Scanning could capture details of the scanned objects and these details could be printed as high-resolution 3D models or ‘minimes’.

It took only about 10 minutes with a portable 3D scanner to scan Bernie. It was fascinating to see how quickly the 3D model appeared on the computer screen and Bernie had fun looking at his digital ‘minime’.

3D Printing of the prototype
The next stage involved the printing of a prototype.

Wysiwyg offer full-colour 3D printing to produce exceptional high-resolution models and this is what was used to ‘print’ Bernie.

The first version of the model was relatively large and didn’t have the ability to ‘wobble’, but we used it to test and learn how the figure could be turned into a dashboard doll.

Wysiwyg printed a few smaller versions, which were more suited as a dashboard figure. We worked together to modify the figure with a little spring so that it would ‘wobble’ when moving it. It was fun driving around the block to test if the figure wobbled on the car dashboard like we remembered it from the ‘Wackel-Elvis’.

Our final version is now in production, ready for a major event where people can purchase the dashboard doll to support our cause and Parkinson’s Disease sufferers. We will tell you all about the event soon; so check in again.

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