Unshaken – Event Archie Rose Distillery

Positivity, Purpose and dealing with PD Diagnosis

If living with a progressive, degenerative disease with no known cure is meant to be depressing than no one told the team from Its Not Funny. The latest event, ‘Unshaken’ remained true to the evenings’ and community’s core themes of; finding Purpose and Positivity and dealing with PD Diagnosis. Our hero and hostess, Robyn invited us, and panel of experts to continue our ‘Its Not Funny’ antics over a g & t at Archie Rose Distillery. Shaken, not stirred.

In celebration of World Parkinson’s Day, the team at Its Not Funny commenced the opening events for the 2019 INSIGHT Summit with 120 guests in attendance (all with a gin-crafted concoction from the Archie Rose team in hand) and for those who couldn’t join us, via live stream.

MC Gary Latham returned to the bar-side stage, velour clip-on and all, providing his entertaining insight with a valuable line-up of experts and supporters.

Our first panelists, John Peplow, the founder of It’s Not Funny, Michael Shepherd AO, Robyn’s husband and carer, and Prof. Lawrence Wallen – Professor Faculty Design, Architecture & Building at UTS Sydney remained consistent with Its Not Funny’s approach.

There was plenty of laughter, a reasonable degree of ridiculousness and plenty of discussion about the power of positivity and how to take steps to live a good life with the condition. John discussed exactly this; Its Not Funny’s different approach to raising awareness for PD.

Michael introduced us to Robyn, shared her story and Lawrence explained how a team of UTS boffins developed a pocket-sized prototype for a PD inspired cocktail oscillator.

The second panel of specialists, Dr. Anuka Parapuram, a Specialist in Rehabilitation Medicine at Royal Rehab & MetroRehab, Prof. Dominic Rowe AM, Professor of Neurology at Macquarie University, and Melissa McConaghy, Specialist Neurological Physiotherapist at PD Warrior and the founder of the INSIGHT Summit shared valuable insight into “diagnosis and the importance of positive attitudes shaping a positive future.”

Anuka discussed some of the specific programs and support systems that are available for the newly diagnosed that sustain an ongoing quality of life for Parkinson’s disease patients. Highlighted was the value Royal Rehab and MetroRehab Hospital to PD patients that essentially work backwards from diagnosis to continue moving forward.

Prof. Dominic Rowe shared his thoughts and stories about the conversations and the care that needs to be taken between doctors and patients during diagnosis. Followed closely with the topic of the dangers of “googling” after diagnosis and what you should really be “googling”.

Another highlight of the night was the eagerly anticipated cocktail oscillator prototype presented in a live-demonstration from the professors at UTS. Let’s just say it was far from pocket-sized. Larger than life, the shaker is the brainchild of a number of Professors from the Integrated Product Design Research team in the School of Design at UTS.

An absolute success, ‘Unshaken’ would not have been possible with out the ongoing support from sponsors Royal Rehab and Metro Rehab, our panel of experts, the innovative Professors from the School of Design at UTS and the equally creative, gin-crazed team at Archie Rose Distillery. We are incredibly grateful for all their support.

Images and coverage of the event supplied by John Fryz and Hugh will be available on our social channels shortly.

It was mentioned that our next event ideas are in “full swing”, anyone up for more ridiculousness on the Nullabor?